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New Machines


14 Button, Fully Automatic, Neon Back Lighting, Holds 740 Cups, Hot Drinks and can be fitted with Ambient or Refridgerated Cold Water. Latest High Tech Incup Machine, Coin Operated, I-Key Cashless System, Change Giver, Free Vend. Stainless Steel Trim, Can be Seated on a Cabinet, SnackBreak Mini, Ice-Break. Great for Space Saving a Complete Refreshment Centre. Sugar and Extra Sugar Option.

Bean 2 Cup

Compact easy to use and clean. Serves great tasting Cappuccino, Cafe Latte, Espresso, Americano, Hot Chocolate, Chocomilk, White Coffee, Hot Water for your Specialties Teas


10 Selection, Sugar Option, Part Cup Water button, Fully Automatic, Holds 700 Cups.

Can be fitted with Change Giver, Standard Coin Accepter, I-Key Cashless System or Free Vend. Hot Drinks Machine Can be Fitted with Refridgeration Unit for Cold Drinks.



The Latest Encore Elite is the addition to our next generation In-Cup family. Featuring high gloss piano black front panels with stainless steel trim and accentuated by neon-effect back-lighting, 5 Selection Plus Sugar Option, Coin Operated, I-Key Cashless System or Free Vend. Holds 195 Incup Drinks.


5 Selection, Sugar Option, Standard Coin Operated or Free Vend, Semi Automatic.

Ideal Self Service for Staff or Visiting Customers, Table Top or Stand On Ice Break (can vendor), Snackbreak Mini, or a Cabinet.



Fixed Manual 5 Selection or Electronic Touch Button 4 Selection for Easy Use. Small Table Top, Easy Clean & Fill. Great on a Counter for Complimentary Drinks. Free Vend or Standard Coin Entry. An ideal solution for small users who requires a simple and extremely cost effective.



30 Selection, Change Giver, Refridgerated, Compact fits through most standard door ways.

Serves Crisps, Chocolate Bars, Sweets, Snacks, Can drinks, Bottles. Energy Saving.



Can or Bottle Vendor, Refridgerated, Change Giver, Multi Selection, Very Reliable Machine.

Serves Ice Cold Drinks.


Bean 2 Cup, Fresh Coffee Maker, Coin, Free Vend or can be fitted with a Change Giver. Using Fresh Coffee Beans Giving a Great Tasting Coffee Shop Quality Drink. Coffee with Milk, Coffee, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Espresso, Espressochoc, Chocomilk, Caffe Latte, Instant Coffee (decaff), Hot Water. 


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