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New £1 Coin: Released March 2017


New £1 Coin

In March 2017 the Royal Mint will be replacing the current £1 coin with a new 12-sided £1 coin.




New £1 coin NOT working in your vending machine?

Then your coin mechanism needs updating!

On Site Update


Updates can be carried out on site for convenience and to reduce any loss of sales.


MEI CF7000 & MEI Cashflow 690


£95.00 + vat for one coin mechanism 
£60.00 + vat for any additional mechanism on the same site


On Site Updates carried out in the local area of North East London also parts of Essex & Herts. Please call to confirm.


This update is only for the coin mechanism and does not include vending machine programme changes. This will be the responsability of the customer.



Tel; 020 8509 1636


NRI G-13 coin acceptor

New £1 updates can be arranged from £60 + vat.

Fitted to Darenthmjs vending machines and other vending machines.

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